Other Creative Design and Craftsmanship

It's design with the craftsmanship which made those materials more valuable today than they were.

Jharoka - wooden carving and stone carvingMaterial - Burma teak and sand stoneApprox cost - 2000 INR cubic feet and 700 INR cubic feet

Gold & Gem Stones

Approximate cost: All we can say is that they are the most precious metals and stone of this planet

Let us for a moment pause and reconsider

What we 'Design' today inspiring enough for our next generation?Why can't we explore beyond what we have been doing andtap the full potential of these wounderful materials to


let's add 'new' value to our valuables.

At VINAISM is a Designing Studio, We Make exclusive designs for the Jewellery Manufactures, We do designing on special & precious Gemstone, Diamonds and Polki’s also. We design complete manufacturing details drawings such as Ghat, Meena, Jadia, and fitting, individually to keep control on design not get copied till the end of complete manufacturing and till first presentation of the product in front of the client or the buyer, and a complete visualization drawings for the end users too.

We design 2D and 3D photorealistic images and files format with complete manufacturing details drawings such as Ghat, Meena, Jadia, Diamonds and gemstone fitting individually, to keep full control on design copyrights for manufacturers on karigar till the end of complete product development.