New Arrival Jewellery Work Station

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Jewellery workstation

For Jewellery Manufacturers

At vinaism, we believe in, The best Tools with a Great Artist makes a fine jewellery, which people love to wear.

The way each Jewellery is crafted plays an important part in jewellery industry, we provide whole support for manufacturers in building an advance digital age manufacturing setup.

We provide all basic & advance support for your jewellery business in every way, to make manufacturing more easier and more detailed, with experience of expert team and thousand plus of different crafting products we provide a higher level of support and knowledge. We keep the work more focused and passionate on creating beautiful products and help them to build their own brand identity.

Machines, Tables & Tools for

melting, metal rolling, casting, plating & polishing, gold refining & recovering, gold and gem stones testing, diamond setting, cad-cam model making, leases marking and cutting, leaser welding, weight scales, diy cutting.

Jewellery Workstation Design 360° view

Workbench for jewellery crafting.

I my self being a gold smith, spend a lot of time on my wooden workbench and felt a good workbench and over head light on it plays a far more biggest roll in jewellery manufacturing industry and makes it easier for the craftsman to input quality time and energy on the product he is working on with physical well being. Lights be should selected and mount carefully so it can illuminate day light effect on entire bench top space and lap drawers.The bench should be strong enough to handle all day heavy work and hammering on that table wooden surface, so the quality of wood, it's thickness and size is not properly designed and constructed it will loosen up from the joints and fall apart with the it's own weight and weight of tools within no time.

A good workbench should be having dedicated space for equipments, tools, gas gun and electrical lights plugging and camera connection, more important different types and size of drawers for easy physical excesses to operate them. specially the lap tray- drawer where gold dust can be collected and a drawer above it for placing multiple tools that are being used at the same time. There can be different sizes of benches according to craftsman height, body and the work type they do. Some are for individual stand alone bench and some are shared ones for multiple craftsmen to work together.

Casting Machinery Area 360° view

CAD CAM and Casting setup

At vinaism there is every thing under one roof for casting setup and the equipments, to keep jewellery production on.

There are many products in market for casting setups. We arrange the best products in line for free flow working environment, from cad cam hardware and software, model making kit, vulcaniser, wax injectors, investment mixers, melting furnaces, induction casting, water jet machine, we have team of solid foundation for providing the best casting technology with complete training and customer service and support. Investing in right machinery can improve your production and quality standards.

Polishing Machinery Area 360° view

Polishing machine and tools

Different polishing and finishing comes at different stages in production line. We can select equipment according the specific polishing, finishing and plating needs, with several tools like rotors tumblers, vibratory finishers, magnetic finishers, cotton buffs, flannel buffs, abrasive paper and wheels, sanding discs, stick, bends electroplating, electro forming systems etc, it refines the finishing surface, texture and gold colour to develop the jewellery product.

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We have developed Manufacturing System Design for kundan craft with residence that includes: how safety and security will be handled for free flow working and leaving environment. the one single structure involve residenc, 40+ workstation for gold artisan, 40+ office staff work desk in QC, Accounts, managenent and designing, presentation place to showcase gem and jewellery products for clients and a restaurant for all staff.